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Children’s junk modelling afternoon at Westbury Library

WILTSHIRE Wildlife Trust’s waste minimisation team will be running a free children’s  junk modelling event on Tuesday 17th February between 10am and 1pm in Westbury Library.

Waste minimisation office Aisling Hunt said, “We are encouraging children to come along and have a go at making something fun out of things that normally go in the bin!

“The child that makes the best model will win a family membership to the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.  We will also be running a recycling information stall in the library to answer any questions.

“We work within focus towns for six months at a time and are starting to focus on Westbury as of the February half-term, so we will be putting on lots of events for adults and children in the next few months.

“We find that running a fun waste activity like junk modelling is a great way to get people to think about rubbish in a new way.

“We also find it a great opportunity  to have interesting conversations with children and their families about their rubbish at home and what we can do about it. It gives us the chance to explain why the wildlife trust is involved with waste and why making some changes to your bins can help the environment both on a local level and more nationally.”

For more information contact Aisling on 01380 736074.