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Short Mat Bowls tournament

The Westbury Blue Circle smbc Christmas Fours Tournament took place on Sunday 28th December 2014 at the Clarrie Dunbar IBC.   

Entries were quickly received to fill the 16 places available with seven teams, including a home team, coming from various parts of the county, and the remaining nine teams coming from Herefordshire, Gloucester, Hampshire (2), Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset (2) and Avon.

Gill Willis reported, “I doubt whether the Clarrie Dunbar IBC has ever accommodated such an array of Santas, elves, fairies, a Christmas tree (complete with lights), a turkey, a bottle of beer and a pig-in-blanket on it’s greens before.

“Most teams had made a big effort to dress for the festive occasion which added greatly to the ‘fun’ theme of the day.  Only a couple of the costumes proved a little awkward during the day;  the ‘bottle of beer’ (Festive Fare, North End, Hants) needed a bottle opener when visiting the rest room and Becci (Hereford) discarded the presents (her feet wrapped in boxes) from the bottom of the Christmas tree as they may have ‘foot faulted’ on the delivery mats – a loud pop was also heard when Becci sat down to lunch and crushed a bauble !

“Despite the lighter side of the tournament the games were highly competitive.  The entries were divided into two groups and each team played four games on different mats with a break in between.

“At the end of the second round there were three teams on the maximum four points.  The Hazelbury Bryan (Dorset) team had amassed a shot difference of plus 15, Andrew and his Little Elfers (North End, Hants) had amassed plus 14 and Woolhope (Hereford) plus 12.  One of the ‘favourites‘ to win the Tournament, the Gloster Knights – donning Christmas hats and tinsel, dropped a bauble against Woolhope who beat them by five  shots.

“This pattern was to follow in round three although Hazelbury Bryan pulled ahead with a magnificent shot difference of plus 29.  The fourth and final round saw a shock result when the home team (Westbury Blue Circle) overcame Hazelbury Bryan to win by five shots.

“All eyes were now on the match between Andrew and his Little Elfers and Woolhope which resulted in the Hampshire team winning by one shot to maintain their unbeaten record and win the Tournament overall.

“The appointed ‘judge’ of the best dressed team was Aimee, Aidan Wick’s younger sister, who had been busy during the day assisting her mum with the raffle.  With so many splendid outfits to choose from Aimee’s decision was to split the modest prize (four boxes of chocolates) between four teams.  While Festive Fair (North End, Hants), Andrew and his Little Elfers, Landrake and Woolhope each received a prize all the teams in costumes were deemed winners for their originality and effort.

“The venue had again proved popular with all the contestants and the host. Brian and Kim in the kitchen served an excellent lunch which included home made steak pie and fresh vegetables or salads, both served with hot new potatoes.  At the end of the day Westbury Blue Circle presented Brian with a donation to the Clarrie Dunbar Defibrillator Fund.  Another Christmas Tournament has been ’pencilled in’ for the equivalent date in 2015.”

Final Standings (first five): 1) Andrew and his Little Elfers (North End, Hampshire) Points: 8  Shot Diff: +16. 2) Hazelbury Bryan (Dorset) Points: 6  Shot Diff: +25. 3) Gloster Knights (Gloucester) Points: 6  Shot Diff: +14 . 4) Woolhope (Herefordshire) Points: 6  Shot Diff: +12. 5) Landrake (Cornwall)                                                       Points: 6  Shot Diff: + 9