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CVQO pupils are ‘excellent ambassadors’ for Matravers School

Matravers School welcomed Brigadier Tim Hymans, MBE along with Major Francis Brackley and Warminster Garrison Sergeant Adam Diver for their third CVQO graduation. 

“It was a brilliant day which started with a wonderful school Christmas lunch and a discussion on how far the relationship between the school and the Garrison had developed over 2014 with more ideas to develop in 2015,” said Angela Honeywell from the school.

In the presence of Forces TV, after a warm welcome from the headteacher, Dr Simon Riding,  it was the turn of the students to show what CVQO had offered them, and to give the guests a taste of their exciting experiences which included orienteering, volunteer work and team building.  Their presentations were stunning and kept the guests both amused and entertained.

Finally, the students were awarded their exam certificates by Brigadier Tim Hymans, MBE and he praised  the success of this garrison/school partnership as well as noting the similarities between a military ethos and a school community.

The parents were delighted by their childrens’ success and spoke openly about what differences they had seen in their progress and attitude.

Dr Simon Riding, headteacher commented, “We are delighted with our growing relationship with the Warminster Garrison.  Building ‘character’ in students is crucial in our wider vision and embracing the strengths of the Military ethos is powerful in supporting this.”

Brigadier Tim Hymans commented, “I felt extremely privileged to be able to present the awards to your pupils and to be able to talk with them as we went around the school. They were excellent ambassadors for Matravers School.”

Major Francis Brackley added, “Thank you so much for a very enjoyable visit. We enjoyed an excellent lunch and speaking with children from the earlier CVQO courses was an added bonus. To see how confident they have become is a real measure of success for the course and the school.

“As always it was tremendous to see the children graduating from the course. Their presentations were excellent, and it was in front of a large and daunting audience of parents, teachers and governors.”

Samantha Garford, mother to Olivia Watkins, paid tribute to the course. “In the past few weeks Olivia has grown into a more confident considerate hard working young lady and we know that we have the CVQO course to thank in helping her to achieve that,” she said.

“CVQO course is a supportive community focused on giving each student the best support possible and their Leadership provided Olivia with just that.”

Jennifer Shackley, CVQO Co-ordinator, commented, “Well done for such a brilliant day today.  It was amazing.”