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Fire service make 3am rescue of trapped cat

Nina and Bonnie reunited

Nina and Bonnie reunited

A CAT which had been missing for 11 days had to be rescued by the Westbury Fire Service after being trapped in an old unused outdoor boiler house. 

Bonnie the cat left her owner Nina Ammundesen as usual last month but never returned, leaving Nina desperate to find her.

She tried several options to find her as she called the Animal Search UK team, put up posters and used animal communicators in an attempt to find Bonnie.

However, none of these were successful and it was only by chance in the early hours one morning that Nina heard Bonnie’s faint cries, leading to the fire service being called and Bonnie being rescued.

Nina said, “I have had her nine and a half years and she has never gone missing, so my feelings were of utter despair.

“I only found her because I was out late calling for her. Having walked around Westbury for an hour and a half with a friend we arrived back at my home and were talking about where to search next. Bonnie must’ve heard my voice because she started meowing. It was so faint that we both thought we were hearing things! Then I called for her and the meows got louder and more desperate. We had to wait 45 minutes for the fireman to arrive and during that time she was crying pitifully, and I tried to reassure her that help was on the way.

“The fire brigade had to come out at 3am to rescue her as she had been boarded up inside an old unused outdoor boiler house next to the library. There used to be a hole at the bottom and as I had put her out at 8am, she must’ve gone to hide in the cupboard, her usual haunt, and then found herself being boarded up.

“ I couldn’t believe I had found my baby girl! It was very emotional.

“I brought her straight inside after she was rescued and gave her some food and water. She drank so much she must’ve been so dehydrated. I took her to the vet on the Monday  for a check-up and the vet said she was fine apart from having lost 12% of her body weight. Since then, she has settled back into normal life and you wouldn’t know she’d been through such a terrible ordeal.

“I spent well over £1,000 searching for Bonnie having called out the Animal Search UK search team, spent £90 on printing colour posters and even paid for two animal communicators to try to locate her, so when I found her, it was like a dream come true.”