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Westbury Leigh Remembrance Assembly

Westbury Leigh Primary School held a ‘Remembrance Assembly’ in school on Tuesday 11th November.  

The school reported, “It was wonderful to see a number of parents, including Sgt Major Gill and Capt Lundie attend our service in full uniform. This brought a real sense of occasion to the event for the staff and children alike.

“Our Head and Deputy boy and girl led the service by explaining the importance of the Poppy.  This was followed by some reflections and Y5 reciting the Flanders Field poem.

“Two handmade poppy wreaths were presented by the oldest and youngest pupil which were made by various children across the school. The whole school, children and staff alike stood beautifully and honoured the two minute silence at 11.00am.

“By involving the school in this act of remembrance we hope to make sure in our daily lives we strive for peace, seek to heal disagreements and that we all work together for a just future for everyone in our world.”

Organiser Miss Meg Croker said, “As a church school we wanted to mark this memorable moment with all the children in school.  We are always delighted to have our forces parents joining with us in remembering the past.”

The school also commemorated the Centenary of the end of World War 1 with its own pupil led memorial event as part of the Remembrance service.

Westbury Leigh were inspired by the breath taking memorial that has been taking place at the Tower of London since August. Pupils were invited to design and make a poppy to plant at the front of the school grounds, which made for poignant visual display.

Elsbeth Paton, who made a Poppy said, “The reason why I made a poppy is because I wanted to show respect to the people who took part in the War.’’