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People of Westbury – are you bored with the gym?

The Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy is the ideal place for weight loss, toning and fitness, with the benefits of learning Martial Arts for self-defence and fitness in mind and body.

Classes are held six days per week during the day and evening in several different disciplines. Tony Preston the owner and master instructor has been practising and teaching Martial Arts for over 30 years; he holds the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt in several Martial Arts.

Kickboxing is the most popular programme, as it gives ultimate fitness and physical transformation. Group classes are available for adults and juniors over 12 years old.

Karate is very popular with the ‘under 15s’ and adults. It offers many values and benefits including self-confidence, perseverance, self-defence, increased concentration and fitness. Group classes are available for children three-six years and seven years upwards.

Tamashii is a Martial Art for mature adults which incorporates Karate, Kickboxing, Street self-defence, meditation and interval training, the age range for this class is 25-85 year old.

Discounts are available for family membership and sports vouchers are also taken towards payment.

The first two classes are free, so why not start today! Private tuition and nutritional therapy is also available.

All enquiries to Tony Preston telephone 01373 859777 or 07835 714796, website www.blackbelt-zone.moonfruit.com