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Local carer on BBC breakfast television


Adeline Dalley

Adeline Dalley

LOCALcarer, whistleblower, author, and songwriter Adeline Dalley recently appeared on the television programme BBC Breakfast, before doing a radio interview for BBC Wiltshire.

Adeline, who recently launched a solo care venture Snowdrop Care, has continued her busy year by appearing on morning television with Graham Satchall. The interview came after her meeting with  the chief inspector of the Care Quality Commission, Andrea Sutcliffe, to discuss changes in the way care services are regulated.

Adeline said, “It was a really interesting day; the BBC were there for a few hours asking questions, but they only actually showed a tiny clip. I had been on regional TV in Norfolk a few weeks before so I wasn’t too nervous!

“I met with Andrea to discuss the importance of good care, after being invited when I was keynote speaker at an Action on Elder Abuse event in London earlier this year.

“I think it’s important to change the way care is regulated because at the moment the disciplinary process is too long. If it takes six weeks to compile a report, then three months to comply with it, some people in the homes will continue to suffer that entire time; it’s not acceptable.”

Adeline came to media attention after writing ‘Behind Those Care Home Doors’, and ‘Behind Closed Doors’ a book  and song whistleblowing on the care industry. She has since been appointed a patron of care charity, the Edith Ellen Foundation, which led to her invitation to meet with Andrea Sutcliffe.

Her new venture Snowdrop Care is a home-care service run single-handedly by Adeline in the Westbury area. Find out more at www.snowdropcare.com