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Four Villages Link scheme urgently needs volunteers

The ‘Four Villages’ branch of Wiltshire Link schemes is imploring people to volunteer and keep their vital service in action.

The Link scheme covers Bratton, Edington, Coulston, and Erlestoke, and provides help for less able people, whether it be help with transport, shopping, medical appointments, social visits, or running errands.

Chairman of the Four Villages scheme, Ian Lafferty said, “Declining services and an increasing population of older people and others who need support, leaves many people unable to access the essential services and social activities that enable them to maintain an independent and enjoyable lifestyle.

“The Link scheme is staffed 100% by a team of local volunteers without whose dedication and selfless giving of their time the scheme would cease to exist. Last year, volunteers throughout the Four Villages were able to provide help to our residents on almost 300 occasions, and driver volunteers covered 7,500 miles.

“The demand is anticipated to grow further, presenting a need to recruit more willing volunteers to undertake driving, to join the management committee, and above all, to act as co-ordinators matching client requirements to volunteer resources.

“There is no financial challenge, since the generous donations from those the scheme is able to help funds the majority of the annual running costs and volunteers’ expenses.

“The service simply needs more people willing to help it run effectively. The management committee urgently needs to hear from local people who are willing to consider volunteering to help retain a service so much appreciated by our rural community.”

To find out more about Wiltshire Link schemes go to www.wiltshirelink.org.uk, or contact the Four Villages scheme directly on 07852 256939.