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Retro collectors item up for sale in Westbury at Imperial Charity

The Sinclair C5 - make your bids now

The Sinclair C5 – make your bids now

IMPERIAL Charity have put an electric vehicle that was famous in the 1980s and a collectors’ item up for auction in a bid to raise funds. 

The charity were recently donated a Sinclair C5 electric vehicle in mint condition, and now have it proudly on display in their shop window to show potential bidders of what they could win.

The C5, released in 1985, had a top speed of 15mph and was powered by a 200-250w battery. Although considered a flop by many, it still sold over 17,000 units and remained the best selling electric vehicle in the UK until being overtaken by 2011’s Nissan Leaf.

These vehicles have now become a ‘must have’ for discerning collectors.

To raise the maximum amount from this item and  to provide a bit of fun, Imperial Charity will be holding a silent auction for it. The auction will run for the next three weeks until the 14th October, so get your bids in now!

To enter the auction, visit the shop at 27 Warminster Road, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3PD; or telephone 01373 826826.