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Westbury students rewarded for training and development tasks

STUDENTS at Matravers School have celebrated passing their  level 1 BTEC course with CVQO, the UK-based educational charity which aims to change lives through vocational training and development.  

Matravers School said, “We are delighted to celebrate their amazing achievement, and recognise their hard work and commitment.

“Their awards were presented by personnel from Warminster Garrison.  WO2 Adam Diver congratulated our students whilst Major Francis Brackley spoke about the importance of collegiality and team work.

“Warminster Garrison have been superb in their support of CVQO, offering the base’s facilities for students to complete command tasks.  With each new group, this relationship is developed further.”

The students also completed activity tasks at Brokerswood with water activities, archery and much more. In addition, the students, along with students from the previous course were able to visit London to speak to MPs about CVQO and to explain what they had learnt and achieved.

Parents also attended and agreed that the 12-week course had really benefitted their child and they had noticed improvements in attitude and confidence.

Matravers School is looking forward to the new course commencing in September and working closely with Warminster Garrison and CVQO.