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‘All Quiet on the Westbury Front’ is under way as part of upcoming festival

Filming on location in Westbury

Filming on location in Westbury

LOCAL artists are continuing GreatWar commemorations with the performance ‘All Quiet on the Westbury Front’, which will be performed at the Westbury Music & Arts Festival in October.

The performance is an original story and will incorporate film, a play, poems and songs about Westbury as it was at the beginning of World War One.  The project was commissioned by the town’s events committee and has been put together by local residents and artists, many from Westbury.  The script was written by Sally Boyle from the Starry Eyes Performance Foundation, and  is based on research into how  family life was able to be continued during the Great War.

Sally said, “I’m very optimistic about the project and enjoying it immensely because it’s such an important and real subject. Westbury is a small place and it was even smaller 100 years ago, so for over 90 people to have been killed must have had an unimaginable effect.

“We’re trying to cover all aspects of the heartache caused by the war, and making sure the people who died and suffered are remembered and respected.”

Organiser Roy Inwood said, “We hope the play will bring an emotional and engaging feeling of life during the First World War, from the points of view of two separate families.”

Filming for the opening sequence of the show was recently begun in All Saints’ churchyard with young people from Westbury.

Organiser Mike Pearce said, “The project is going really, really well; we’ve completed filming, have filled almost all the speaking parts for the play, and will have two rehearsals this week. Everything is in order and Sally Boyle has done a fabulous job with the script. The performers are working very well together and we’re excited to see the finished product.”

‘All Quiet on the Westbury Front’ is still on the lookout for performers – they are looking for female dancers and men between the ages of 16 and 30 to take part as soldiers. They also need a male ‘soldier’ with a Scottish accent for a speaking part.

If you are interested contact Mike Pearce on 01373 302956 or Roy Inwood on 01373  864364. The play is sponsored by Henleys Medical Supplies, and will be performed at Westbury’s All Saints Church on Saturday 11th October.

The show will start at 7.00pm and will have a WW1-style tea during the interval. Tickets are £8.00 adult, £3.00 child or £20 for a family (2 adults, 2 children).

To find out more go to www.wmafestival.co.uk

Pictured: Filming on location in Westbury