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Westbury High Street shop owners share Street Fayre frustration

Shop owners in Westbury High Street are speaking out after the stalls at the Westbury Street Fayre restricted access to their shop entrances.

Alison Crew from S K Fruits said, “There was a train in front of the shop and either side was blocked so customers couldn’t get in. We lost nearly £300 in trade.

“It was nice having new people come to Westbury but they didn’t have an opportunity come in our shop. Westbury Town Council didn’t involve us, there was no advice about where stalls were going and no consultation. Yet we are here all the time.

“When I spoke to someone from the Town Council about it at the street fayre, they were very rude to me. We will be writing letters to the council and hope that at the next event they will be more obliging.”

Lyn Miles from Miles Apart said, “It was noticeably quieter in the shop at the Street Fayre and the takings were down. The event has a nice atmosphere and I am not against the it. I just feel it was not well thought out where the train would be as people couldn’t easily get into the shop. It is usually busier at other Street Fayres.”

In response Cllr Sue Ezra, Chairman, Events Working Group, Westbury Town Council said, “This is the first time we had the steam train at our Street Fayre and it proved very popular.  Unfortunately, the rail track requires a flat, level site, which is not easy to find in the town centre:  the High Street being the only road that meets this requirement.

“The Town Council hand delivers a letter to all residential properties and businesses within the event site, and also some way beyond, giving full details of the road closures; means by which to object;  and contact mobile phone numbers for use before and during the event, and we are always willing to help any resident or business, who anticipate they may have problems on the day.

“As with all our events, the Council and those involved in their organisation, meet and discuss any problems and how these events may be improved in the future, and the comments made by the High Street retailers will certainly be taken into account when planning future events.