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Complaints over ‘terrible’ grass cutting in Westbury

Independent councillors are calling for Wiltshire Council’s contractor for grass cutting, BBLP, to be dropped due to the ‘terrible standard’ of their services.

Westbury Town and Wiltshire councillor Russell Hawker said, “As Wiltshire councillors, we were told a fortnight ago that BBLP have been given three weeks to improve.  I have seen little sign of things improving, apart from the fact that some activity has at least taken place with some grass cutting now occurring, albeit with a terribly bad finish.

“For example, no strimming has occurred in many places so that long grass remains in patches even where grass has supposedly been cut. Also, they’ve left the grass cutting so late that large clumps of the cuttings now lie around making a mess, even in children’s play areas. If you look at Becks Mill children’s play area off Camargue Road in Leigh Park, you’ll see an example of the terrible mess left by grass cuttings right inside the fenced play area.

“Independent councillors are calling for BBLP to be dropped from the grass cutting so that new contractors can be brought in to do the job better.”

Similar complaints have been made across Wiltshire. Independent group leader at Wiltshire Council, Ernie Clark added, “I can’t even have a beer at the pub or village hall without being offered the thoughts of local residents who are now sick and tired of what is going on.

“The ‘planter’ as you enter Hilperton from Semington on the A361 is a treat to behold – if you could see it through the jungle surrounding it! Parishioners with family buried at the churchyard are seething with anger at the state of it.”