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Bratton brothers raise over £400 for dog charity

Two Bratton brothers have raised more than £400 for the charity Alaskan Malamute Rescue UK at a fundraiser in Bratton. 

Alfie Waker, 9, and his brother Charlie, 5, held a tea and cake sale along with a raffle and ‘guess the name of the toy sled dog’ on Thursday 22nd May at Bratton Pavilion.

Alfie and Charlie’s mother Hayley Waker said, “The event was a huge success and exceeded our expectations. The support we had was really overwhelming, and at one point people were queuing out the door. We almost sold out of cake within an hour, so had to buy in extra supplies from the village shop.

“We would all like to say a huge thanks to the local businesses that contributed towards the raffle, the local community, friends and family for their continued support with the boys’ fundraising missions.

“A large number of dogs have been abandoned over the Easter period in poor conditions and are now in the care of Alaskan Malamute Rescue. Alfie has a huge passion for animals but this has really hit a nerve as we own three dogs ourselves, two being Alaskan malamutes. Both the boys totally adore them and neither of them can understand why anyone would treat any animal in this way.”

Alfie Waker said, “We hope that the money raised helps to make the abandoned malamutes  happy and that they will soon be in nice homes where they can be loved forever. We are really touched by people’s kindness as we understand that everybody doesn’t share the same passion as us.”

Alfie has been fundraising since he was just sixyears of age for a charity called HorseWorld. During this time he has undertaken a 12-mile cycle, an abseil and last year, a 35-mile cycle. Alfie was also nominated for an Animal Hero award last year due to his fundraising commitment under the category ‘young animal enthusiast.’

Hayley added, “With regards to future fundraising, there is nothing in the pipeline right now but it’s only a matter of time before something will catch Alfie’s eye and we’ll be setting a date for whatever the next mission might be.”