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Westbury author releases second book in series

Rachel Rodwell author of Vampire Cove - The Red Cliffs

Rachel Rodwell author of Vampire Cove – The Red Cliffs

VAMPIRES and wolves can be found in a Westbury woman’s new fantasy book, the second of her books to published in what will be a series of seven. 

Rachel Rodwell, who publishes as RJ Truman using her maiden name, has her second book, Vampire Cove – The Red Cliffs, in print with Westbury artist, Yanni Rust, designing the front cover.

The book, for young adults, is the second in the White Light Chronicle series. The story follows a recently reformed party girl called Hannah who goes on a weekend away to Vampire Cove with her friends. When hell is quite literally unleashed on earth will Hannah be able to save her friends from all the perils waiting for them on the other side?

Rachel said, “I’ve always had a keen interest in fantasy books from a young age and have liked books from authors such as JRR Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings), L.J Smith (Vampire Diaries), and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

“I’ve also had a keen interest in writing and have wanted to write my own series of books that brings elements from each of those authors along with my own interpretation on the fantasy genre.

“I found the process of writing the book thoroughly enjoyable as I had been working on this whilst the first book was being released. It’s been a lifelong dream to see another one of my books be released.

“I also found that my writing style was developing and evolving and hopefully this will come across in the books.

“I am currently working towards releasing book three ‘Adrianna – Blue Like My Heart’ around October this year with book four and five set to be released next year. I’m also planning to appear at the London Film and Comic Con again this year to promote my book. I like to engage with my readers and so I welcome any feedback.”

The book is available through amazon on paperback and kindle. For more information visit www.vampirecove.com or find  Rachel on Twitter  @rjtrumanwrites or Facebook  at www.facebook.com/rjtrumanwrites