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Police report for the Westbury area

WILTSHIRE police report on the following incidents in the Westbury area, along with advice to the public, and also how the public can help the police in their investigations or just keep alert to anything which looks suspicious.

On the morning of 8th May a report was received that a BMX had been stolen whilst the rider was being treated in an ambulance on Bath Road, Warminster. However following investigation it appears that the bike had been taken in for safe keeping,  both bike and rider have been reunited.

Inspector Alan Webb said, “This was a very pleasing outcome for the owner being reunited with their pride and joy.”

Between 1900hrs on 4th May and 0830hrs  on the 5th a Vauxhall Zafira was parked on the driveway of its owner in  Gloucester Walk Westbury when persons unknown entered it and stole a second hand  Cassio TE 2000 electronic shop cash register.  The owner had bought this item from a car boot sale a couple of days previously.  Later, on 5th May the till was found near the Westbury Football Club

Between 1330hrs and 1420hrs on 7th May a Red Skoda Fabia was parked at a beauty spot on the A36 near to  Heytesbury, Warminster when persons unknown had smashed the rear window of the IP’s vehicle. The rear shelf had then been moved and the boot of the car has been searched, the rear door has also been opened. However nothing had been stolen.

Inspector Alan Webb said, “Thefts from motor vehicle remains a problem in beauty spot areas.  The owner of the Zafira did everything right and left nothing of value in their vehicle. However they were still subject to the inconvenience and distress of having their vehicle broken into. We remain committed to reducing and detecting offences of this type and so have teams committed to investigation and prevention.”

Between 1800hrs on 8th  May and 0200hrs on the  9th a Red VW Polo had all four tyres punctured whilst it was parked on Masefield Road in Warminster.

Between 2130hrs on 9th May and 1400hrs on the 10th a silver Yamaha YBR 125 motorbike was left unattended in Bratton Road Westbury as the rear tyre had become detached. When the owner attended to recover it he found that it had been stolen.

Passing of Fake £50 notes. Inspector Alan Webb said, “There have been three recent incidents of the passing of forged £50 notes in my area.  The notes are of good quality such that when a UV pen is used they appear to be genuine. However there are things to be a suspicious of.

“Firstly £50 notes are not normally used for the purchase of small items where a lot of change is to be given. Compare the quality with genuine notes that you already have, British bank notes are of the highest quality in printing,  check that the printing is of the same quality.

“If you have any concerns when a person is trying to pass you a £50 then please give the police a ring.”

Notes Passed: 

1600hrs, 7th May:  At William Hill, 13 Market Place, Warminster.

1616hrs 7th May: Backhouse Bet, 7 Market Place, Warminster,

1620hrs on 7th May:  Superdrug, 9-13, Horseshoes Walk, Warminster

1600hrs on 7th May:  George Inn, The Square, Mere, Warminster, suspects had tried paying with fake £50 notes but were refused.