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Proposed Thoulstone Farm wind turbine divides opinion

An artist’s impression of what the wind turbine will look like

An artist’s impression of what the wind turbine will look like

A DROP-IN information event will be held over the proposed wind turbine to be located at Thoulstone Farm towards the eastern end of Chapmanslade. This information session is on Monday 28th April between 3.30pm and 8.00pm at St Phillip and St James’ Church in Chapmanslade.

A single wind turbine in front of Cley Hill is being proposed and will be 53 metres in diameter and 87 metres high. Seren Energy are acting as agents and intend to submit a planning application.

Seren Energy say, “The Welch family are members of the local community and will own 80% of the scheme, with the remaining 20% being owned by Seren Energy.

“It is proposed that a sum of £15,000, as an initial community fund payment, and £2,000 a year  for the wind turbine’s operational life of 25 years will be paid to the local community or parish council to enable it to support local initiatives.”

However, a group of local people have joined together to oppose the wind turbine, claiming that there are better and more cost-effective forms of renewable energy and that the Welch family are not from the local community.

Map of proposed Thoulstone Farm wind turbine location

Map of proposed Thoulstone Farm wind turbine location

Tim Page, spokesperson for the ‘Stop Thoulstone Farm Wind Turbine’ group says, “Wind turbines are absolutely useless at reducing national CO2 emissions and it will be an unpleasant industrial blight in front of the beautiful Cley Hill. Turbines are grossly subsidised by the government and once one is allowed, more will follow.

“There is strong local opposition to the turbine and we have about 250 supporters on our email list. There were  also 100 people at our meeting on 11th April and of these  97 were against the wind turbine with none voting in favour of it, even though many were undecided before the meeting. Many were convinced after hearing what a terrible noise the turbines make, that this can make local people miserable.”

Other concerns include the  destruction of birds, bats and other wildlife, and that house prices will fall as a result of the turbine.

To have your say, attend the meeting, email us at news@whitehorsenews.co.uk or visit www.chapmanslade.org.uk/index.php/wind-turbine for more information.

• What do you think? Write to news@white horsenews.co.uk or 31 Market Place, Melksham. SN12 6ES