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Mini recycling sites to close across Wiltshire

ALL mini recycling sites in the Westbury area are to close next month now all households have doorstep collection services for recyclables like bottles, plastics and tins.

Since the introduction of the collections there has been a sharp fall in the amount of waste being taken to mini recycling sites, such as those in car parks.

Last year the council collected 36,000 tonnes of dry recyclables through the kerbside services compared with less than 3,000 tonnes collected via the mini recycling centres.

As a result, the remaining 126 mini-recycling sites across the county are to be removed and sites will close from 5th May.

Any households without a blue lidded plastic bottle and cardboard bin or a black recycling box, can obtain one by contacting the council. Households can also have up to two black recycling boxes for recycling paper, glass, cans and textiles.