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Westbury Leigh rat run angers residents

RESIDENTS in Westbury Leigh claim the village has become a rat run and the increased traffic is becoming a real burden on those living there – a problem that could easily be avoided. 

Traffic engineers have put up diversion signs at one end of the Westbury Leigh relief road but drivers continue to use the village in both directions causing tailbacks throughout the village and misery for villagers.

Three residents have contacted the White Horse News claiming drivers need to be educated that the village is no quicker then the relief road and tailbacks mean anyone thinking they can get to Warminster or Westbury any quicker are mistaken.

“It is causing an unnecessary burden on the buildings and people living in Westbury Leigh when there is a perfect alternative route,” the residents told White Horse News.

“The Westbury Leigh relief road was built and opened about 20 years ago and was then called the Westbury Leigh Bypass. It is not a question of a diversion through the village, it is just that people do not use the relief road. A couple of years ago there was an accident at Chalford, and all traffic was pushed through Westbury Leigh, causing deadlock, while the bypass was empty. It is more of education, i.e. proper signing both ends of the bypass, that is needed.

“The traffic engineers have made the stupid decision to  erect diversionary signs at only one end of the relief road. It is obvious that the traffic  is continuously using the village as a rat run in both directions.

“The distance is the same either way, via the relief road or via the village. It seems obvious from the amount of cars queuing that many of them just pass through the old village of Westbury Leigh on the way to Westbury or Warminster. Another thing is the large tractor and  trailer combinations not using the relief road. The distance via the relief road is 0.8 miles, as is the distance via Westbury Leigh village. The main problem is trying to educate and convince people to use the alternative route.”

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