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Westbury gym’s fourth place in national competition

The team from Ironworx

The team from Ironworx

IRONWORX Gymnasium has finished fourth in a national competition that saw the top strength and conditioning training facilities in the country battle it out for the crown of being the UK’s toughest gym.   

The Westbury gym was among 25 facilities from across the country invited to the event with only 10 teams left after some had not made the cut or didn’t have the confidence to compete.

This was the first competition that Ironworx had competed in since its birth of the Performance Centre (Ironworx Performance). This part of the gym enables people to train to a structured strength and conditioning programme with professional coaches.

The team consisted of three men (Lee Salter, Matt Hardy and Andy Carrol) and two women (Jemma Harford and Robyn Shanley).

After event one, Ironworx raised a few eyebrows by picking up fourth place in the team deadlift event, which saw the Westbury team lift a combined weight of 930kg.

The team remained consistant throughout with fourth places in the other three events of the competition which included prowler sprints, clean and jerk and the medley.

Lee Salter from Ironworx gym said, “Having only been training for eight months our team was excited but nervous on what the outcome would be and whether we would hold our own against some outstanding facilities from around the country who have been training similarly for years.

“To have straight fourth place finishes shows that not only were we very consistent on the day, but we belonged in the competition – even with such a young establishment and the lightest team. We made an impression and will be back next year stronger and more determined!

“Off the back of the competition we have had some fantastic response and it really helps members have targets. Whether it’s just the trails or other competitions, the support is fantastic. This summer we will be holding our own strength and conditioning competition and our annual Strongman Competition, which already has interest from as far as Manchester.

“Recently I have been working very hard to set our members up with the best help regarding nutrition to work alongside the best training methods and coaching – teaming up with Genetics Supplements and C W Butchers which will allow our members to put in a monthly supplement order and weekly meat order. Both of these companies in my eyes are the best and purest in the business and to keep our high standards up with everything we do, it made sense get involved with one another.”

Keep tabs with the latest charity events, competitions and news at Ironworx Gymnasium through their website, www.ironworxgymnasium.co.uk