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New Wiltshire councillor for Ethandune Ward

CONSERVATIVE candidate Jerry Wickham has been elected as the Ethandune councillor representing the villages around Westbury on Wiltshire Council.

The by election, held on Thursday 6th March, was contested by five candidates and 37.1% of local people turned out to vote.

The full results were: Jerry Wickham (Conservative) 480 votes (35.58%), Carole King (Liberal Democrats) 372 votes (27.58%), Rod Eaton (UKIP) 236 votes (17.49%), Francis Morland (Independent) 192 votes (14.23%) and Shaun Henley (Labour) 69 votes (5.11%).

Prior to his election Jerry Wickham highlighted five areas which he said he is passionate about. They are;

• Protecting our countryside – preventing unsuitable and inappropriate development in villages.

• Protecting and maintaining services in villages – keeping shops, post offices.

• Addressing the issue of the speed of traffic through villages – supporting community speed watch.

• Supporting Wiltshire Council’s financial strategy – freezing Council tax for the fifth year in succession and extra funds for roads, campus and broadband.

• Standing firm against proposals for wind turbines in the area.

He said, “As your councillor, I intend keeping you up-to-date with issues affecting you, by regular contact with local organisations and residents, allowing me to accurately represent your views.

“I have lived in the local area all my life and have a deep understanding of the specific issues that affect the countryside and the people living there. 

“I have 30 years’ experience in public service as a police officer in Wiltshire, working with a diverse group of organisations and people.

“As chairman of a local parish council, I am well acquainted with the work of parish councils, area boards and Wiltshire Council and how each can bring benefit to local communities. Importantly, I am passionate that local people have their voices heard over matters that affect them.”