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Parking charges in Westbury won’t increase in 2014/2015

WILTSHIRE Council has announced that parking charges in Westbury for 2014/2015 will not be increased.

It is hoped that this news from the council will be beneficial to the town as it will encourage more residents and visitors to shop and visit Westbury Town Centre. Additionally season ticket permits will also be fixed in price for another financial year.

The news follows heavy criticism by senior government ministers recently that claimed councils are ruining town centres because of the high parking charges.

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities, accused local councils of ruining small towns and undermining economic growth with high parking charges and over-zealous traffic wardens.

His comments came off the back of a record income for local authorities from parking with nationally £635million made from charges and fines.

Eric Pickles said, “The quality of parking in town centres is important; it should be convenient, safe and secure. Parking charges should be appropriate and not undermine the vitality of town centres and local shops, and parking enforcement should be proportionate.

“Anti-car measures are driving motorists into the arms of internet retailers and out of town superstores, taking their custom with them.

In response to the claims by the Secretary of State, John Thompson, Wiltshire Council cabinet member responsible for car parking said,

“Boosting Wiltshire’s economy is one of the council’s key priorities and so far, despite the national economic situation, it is faring relatively well. It is always regrettable when a local business closes, however Westbury has attracted retail investment in recent years and compares very favourably with neighbouring towns.