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Musical talent at Westbury Leigh primary school

WESTBURY Leigh Primary School pupils recently had the opportunity to showcase their musical talents. at a concert held at the school.

Former pupil Wade Merritt opened the concert on the piano, playing and singing ‘When I was your man’ by Bruno Mars. This was followed by individuals and groups of children playing instruments and singing, performing their pieces with gusto and flair.

The music ranged from piano and grade pieces to self-composed and written compositions.  Recorders wowed the audience with a complex Mozart piece and the choir ended the evening with their renditions of ‘Lean on me’ and ‘Can you hear my voice?’

Headteacher Debbie Grimsey said, “Special thanks were given to a number of staff who had got involved and supported the event, with special thanks given to Nicola Clamp who co-ordinated the event.

“The range of talent was overwhelming as parents and friends saw children who ranged from beginner to accomplished, all confident to have a go and celebrate their learning journey.

“A small collection was taken and this will go towards further performing arts resources in the school.

“Parents were bowled over by the children’s confidence and the quality of music produced and were full of praise for this up and coming school.”