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Suspended jail terms for Chapmanslade festival pair

A PAIR of festival-goers caught trying to sell drugs to plain clothes police officers, have been handed suspended jail sentences.

Christy Littleford and Tomer Shaltiel approached the plain clothes officers with the offer of ecstasy at the Sunrise Festival in Chapmanslade last year.

A judge at Swindon Crown Court has recently imposed suspended sentences on the pair.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting said, “Littleford, 21, and Shaltiel, 23, were at the festival in Chapmanslade on Friday, May 30th last year when they approached Sgt Neil Duffin and PC Rebecca Grist, who were patrolling the site in plain clothes.

“Shaltiel walked up to them and said ‘Do you want to buy any pills of MDMA?’, and shortly after Littleford walked a little way to a tent and asked the same question. It was then that the officers produced their warrant cards, and arrested them.

“Littleford handed over a pouch containing 11 ecstasy tablets, one pill of a similar drug, some psilocin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, and just over a gram of cannabis.”

Littleford, of Brynland Avenue, Bristol, pleaded guilty to possessing a class A drug with intent to supply and offering to supply the drug, two counts of simple possession of a class A drug and one of class B drug, while Shaltiel, of Stroud Road, Linden, Gloucester, admitted offering to supply a class A drug.

Judge Tim Mousley QC imposed one-year jail terms suspended for 18 months and ordered they each do 150 hours of unpaid work.