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Westbury Formula 2 star in new e-book

w592 james rygor f2 driver in new bookA FORMULA 2 star from Westbury features in a free e-book, which is now available. 

James Rygor won the 2013 World Championship in September and has been interviewed by author Scott Reeves for the e-book ‘Still Turning Left,’ published by Chequered Flag Publishing.

Scott explains, “Success in the world of Formula 2 stock car racing takes a rare combination of aggression, skill and luck. Only the best drivers get to race under the gold roof of the World Champion. Among those who have reached the top of the sport is Westbury’s James Rygor, who won the 2013 World Championship in September.”

Scott, who has written two stock car books in the past, interviewed James and recorded the story of his success. “James’ success came as a surprise to many in the sport,” Scott says. “This free ebook helps to introduce him to many stock car racing fans who might not have heard too much about him.

“It also offers a short introduction to stock car racing for people who might not know very much about the sport. This isn’t banger racing, the cars are complex and require the dedication to put in a lot of work off the track.”

Still Turning Left is a free ebook available from Amazon, Google Play, iBooks and Kobo. Links to the retailers can be found at www.chequeredflagpub lishing.co.uk/still.htm