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Westbury woman’s answer to 50 Shades

sarah darling

Sarah Darling and her new book

A WESTBURY woman has published a book which is selling ‘like hot cakes’ internationally. 

Sarah Darling wrote ‘Pure Filth – The Diary of Forty-Year-Old Married Woman’ around eight years ago – but couldn’t find a company willing to publish it.

But Sarah believes the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey has opened up the market and her book is now available via Amazon.

Sarah said, “It is what it says on the tin, but it is really funny and there is a fab story as well. It’s like Sex in the City meets 50 Shades.

“Normally when I tell people I’ve written a book, they ask if it’s a children’s book. I have to say no, it’s this. They normally have a jaw-drop reaction. I’ll add that it’s me on the front cover and they don’t know what to do! But my friends and family love it, they were 100% positive, much to my surprise.

“Because of 50 Shades of Grey, the market is a bit kinder now. People tell me they just can’t put it down. I thought my market would be  women of a certain age, but it’s anybody and anyone.”

Reviewers on Amazon say the book ‘leaves 50 shades in the shade,’ being ‘funny, sad, and explicit.’

The book is for adults only and a full description can be found on Amazon. Sarah will be publishing two more books in the series.