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Wiltshire councillors call for levy on supermarkets

TWO independent Wiltshire councillors are calling on the council to impose a 8.5% levy on major supermarkets and large retailers across the county and for the money to be used to help boost town centres.

Terry Chivers and Jeff Osborn have put a notice of motion to the next full council in November, calling for the levy to fund reduced car parking charges, and in some cases free parking across the county.

The councillors explained that councils now have the power to impose the levy on major retailers and large retailers, with the levy going direct to the council to improve and promote the local community.

They said that already in Northern Ireland the levy is common practice and both the Welsh Government and Bristol City Council are looking to introduce the levy.

Cllr Osborn said, “Car parking charges are a major problem in the county and this is a simple way to solve the problem. Our High Streets are dying and we must do all in our power to help the small independent retailer. These out-of-town retailers are making massive profits, and it’s time they put something back into the local community.”

Cllr Chivers said, “On a daily basis we are seeing local shops close as they can’t compete with the supermarkets. How many greengrocers, fishmongers and butchers have we seen close over the years? It’s time that the major supermarkets put something back into the community that they are destroying.

“I would urge everyone that cares about our High Street to sign our petition.”

Cllr Osborn said, We want to urge Wiltshire residents to back this campaign.  They can do this by going online to:


“Every click will help build the case and make Wiltshire Council see sense.”