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New minibus for village communities near Westbury

THE villages of Edington, Coulston, Bratton and Erlestoke are now using their new community minibus, which serves many village groups and individuals.westbury, wiltshire, Edington, Coulston, Bratton, Erlestoke, three villages minibus,  

The minibus has been upgraded to a new Peugeot Boxer minibus, which is retaining the same distinctive yellow colour and the name of ‘The Three Villages Minibus (TVM).’ The old bus has been passed on to 68 (Westbury) Squadron Air Training Corps.

Joy Fraser, chair of the TVM said, “The old vehicle has a rather narrow aisle and limited room for shopping (when we go on shopping trips to Westbury, Devizes and Warminster).  It also has a rather high entry step which makes it difficult for our older villagers to access.  The new Peugeot Boxer minibus should solve all of these problems.

“The old bus is going to do service with the 68 (Westbury) Squadron Air Training Corps.  We are very pleased about this as it means that it will continue to be of support to a voluntary organisation, and the youngsters will have no difficulty with narrow aisles!”

The new TVM is longer and wider, and will continue to provide a range of services for villagers.

It provides transport to events within the community, is available to a diverse range of village groups (including youth groups, WI, church fellowships, and sporting groups), and helps those who do not have a car or want a social trip out with fellow villagers.

Joy explains, “Three Villages Minibus (the name originated because the minibus was initially conceived to serve the three villages of Edington, Coulston and Erlestoke) is a well-established and successful volunteer-run rural community transport group that provides access to transport and local services for the villages of Edington, Coulston, Erlestoke and Bratton and other surrounding communities.  We keep the name TVM (and the yellow colour of our vehicle) as it is well known and changing either would create some confusion!  Also it is a typical British anachronism!

“TVM provides a range of regular shopping and leisure services for groups and individuals within this area of West Wiltshire.  Many of our trips are ‘door to door’ so that no-one has to worry about carrying heavy shopping or walking along poorly lit roads after an outing. We try to keep all our charges as low as possible so that no-one will feel inhibited in travelling by virtue of cost; our key principle is service to the community, not profit.

“We are grateful for the support of Wiltshire Council who has awarded us a transport grant each year for the last four years.  We have also received support from our local parish councils, Edington Fair, Edington May Ball as well as local firms (in particular, the Station Yard Ltd.)

“We are encouraged by the support, enthusiasm and encouragement of local villagers and groups who use our services as it is them who make the responsibility of operating this community asset all worthwhile.”