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Strongman competition for Westbury

IRONWORX will be hosting the Westbury Strongman Competition on Sunday 1st September, from 10am-5pm. 

Come and spectate as competitors take on events which  include Fingals Fingers, Seated Vehicle Pull, Car Deadlift, and Tractor Tyre Flipping.The event takes place at Ironworx Gymnasium in Station Road.

Lee Salter, of Ironworx Gymnasium explained, “It will be something different and interesting to watch! “Hopefully we can get more people into health and fitness and on the day our new performance facility will be open for people to see.

“This facility is mainly a class-based gym facility, and since it opened around 8 weeks ago, it has really taken off with all ranges and  abilities taking part and enjoying training again. It gives people a structured programme to follow while in a group environment and coached by professional eyes.”

For more information visit www.ironworxgym nasium.co.uk