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Westbury residents concerned about Aldi supermarket traffic

RESIDENTS have raised fears that the traffic arrangements outside the new Aldi store, in Warminster Road, are not safe.   

Wiltshire Council says it has worked together with Aldi to ensure the traffic system is right for the development – but local residents fear  that the arrangements are unsafe for both pedestrians and cars.

The new supermarket opened at the beginning of this month, with all traffic having to enter and exit the store from the busy A350 Warminster Road.

Emily Gardiner, a local health and safety professional, has raised her concerns with Wiltshire Council. She says, “As a resident of Westbury I am really pleased to see that an investment has been made for the new Aldi supermarket.  But I am struggling to comprehend how the council came to the arrangement of the location of the bus stops and the format of the road layout of the main road serving the supermarket.

“The issues in Westbury, as a result of the poor planning of the location of the Aldi store, are already causing no end of issues.”

Her concerns include gridlock created by buses halting on the main road, difficulties in turning right out of the store, the omission of a zebra crossing, and risks to pedestrians and nearby residents.

Other readers say, “Whose bright idea was it to put two bus stops almost opposite each other on such a busy road? Also, they need a zebra crossing at the entrance to the car park.”

Another says, “A ‘no right turn sign’ at the car park exit would ease things quite a bit. I know that I would have to either turn at the roundabout or go round the block to get home, but it is safer and less obstructive than the alternative.”

Wiltshire Council says, “We’ve worked with the developers to ensure the roads in and out of Aldi are of the right standard for this kind of site. However, as with all such developments,  now the site has opened, an additional independent audit will be carried out by the developers as part of the process.  If this audit highlights any issues, they will then be addressed by the developers.”

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