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Training pays off for local London Marathon runners

RUNNERS from Westbury excelled at this weekend’s London Marathon. It was an emotional day, not only because of the gruelling 26.2 mile run, but also because of the tributes paid to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings six days earlier.

Runners from Westbury were among over 36,000 participants who covered the course around the capital.

Dedicated runner Fiona Price finished the marathon in 3 hours and 7 minutes. This placed her an incredible 7th place for her age category. Not far behind was Diane Hier, who completed the course in 3 hours and 26 minutes.

Westbury town crier Sean Price was delighted to complete his first marathon, while Wendy Hemmens completed her third London marathon.

Sean and Fiona Price

Sean and Fiona Price are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year and both can now celebrate finishing the London marathon.

It was the first time both have competed in the marathon together. However, for Fiona it was her second time and she clocked an impressive 3 hours and 7 minutes. She said, “I’m delighted, I was hoping for anything under 3 hours and 15 minutes so it’s great that the training paid off. My time actually places me in 7th place for my age which I’m really happy about.”

For Sean this was his first London Marathon and he completed the course in 4 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds. He said, “I’m ecstatic to have finished the race. I managed to run the whole distance without stopping thanks to some good advice.”

Both Fiona and Sean put in long training hours and both felt it paid off, Sean said, “We both worked really hard and it’s great to do something together and share the same experiences.”

They both also agreed that the Boston Marathon incident actually created a more positive atmosphere and Fiona said, “It created a sense of determination from the runners and from the crowd that the events last week wouldn’t affect the day and that everyone would have a good time.”

Once the race started they had support from family and friends from the Avon Valley Running Club as well as the huge crowds gathered around the course, Sean said, “The crowd was a huge support and having club members and family there also helped create a special atmosphere.” Fiona agreed. “The support was amazing and it’s been a great day for both of us. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Diane Hier 

Diane Hier has completed her 11th London Marathon in 3 hours 26 minutes and nine seconds.

She said, “I’m actually a little disappointed with my time, I was hoping to go under 3 hours 15 minutes but it wasn’t to be. I felt really good until the 20 mile mark and then for some reason I found it hard from then onwards. There was no real reason for it, my training went well and I was well prepared for the race.”

Despite this, Diane enjoyed the day, “ I absolutely love the London Marathon; it’s why I return each year. Once again the atmosphere was incredible. There was a massive crowd and they really encourage you to keep going; it really is special.

“It was very emotional because of the events in Boston and I felt choked during the silence;  it was a tragic event and you could tell what it meant to people and how it affected them.”

The next event for Diane is in two weeks time in Bedford when she will compete in an aquathon consisting of a run and an open water swim.


Wendy Hemmens was happy with her efforts as she completed the marathon in 5 hours and 29 minutes.

She said, “It was my third marathon and I really enjoyed it. I’m pleased with my time as it’s about what I expected.

“I had a difficult time during training and it didn’t help that it was so warm during the race, but it’s a great feeling to have finished. I always really enjoy it although I think that’s it for me and full marathons.”

Wendy next plans to run in the Bristol Half Marathon in September.