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The return of Westbury carnival

A CHILDREN’S Carnival  in September this year is set to pave the way for the return of a fully fledged Carnival for Westbury in 2014.

A new Carnival Committee met last week and hopes to start a Children’s Carnival this year with the Westbury White Horse Carnival being launched next year.

The new Carnival Committee told White Horse News, “We are proposing to have a Children’s Carnival as an annual event in the afternoon – starting this year on September 7th – with a full carnival in the evening from 2014.

“This will give Westbury a major annual event which will put us on a level with other towns nearby, for everyone’s enjoyment and to raise money for local charities.

“The Children’s Carnival will be a proper Carnival in the afternoon of the main Carnival and will be for children specifically, who will be involved in the project and the procession. We will need a Carnival Prince and Princess with competitions and a judging ceremony. Fundraising for all of this will begin shortly.

“We will be asking all the schools in the district to help design a logo badge for us and in the spirit  of last year’s Olympic Games, a recognisable badge design.

“Like all organisations who carry out such activities we need more help and new committee members. If anyone can help with this project please call us on 01373 859 578.”