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Westbury Pool to close again after unsatisfactory refurbishment

THEtown’s youngest swimmers will be badly affected by a second period of closure at Westbury Pool. 

The pool re-opened in January after eight weeks of work. However, work was not completed satisfactorily and the pool is expected to close again for up to four weeks.

Westbury Amateur Swimming Club is once again facing the challenge of finding venues for its swimmers during the closure. Although they hope to be able to accommodate the older children in Trowbridge, it is difficult for them to find sessions at a suitable time for younger children.

Neil Tribick of the club said, “It’s a real disappointment that we’re going through it again. It’s time, money, effort, and disappointment.

“The most inconvenience is for the young ones. With early [evening] pool time for little ones, there is very little available, and you can’t ask them to swim at 8.30pm at night.

“The older ones, aged 10 and upwards, will be alright, but we’re struggling to get the young ones in and that makes up a large part of our swimmers. And to keep the club vibrant we need the young ones coming up.”

Westbury Pool will be closed from Monday 4th March. Wiltshire Council say they will make every effort to keep the closure as short as possible, however it is anticipated the works may take three to four weeks to complete. The work will be carried out under warranty so there is no cost to the taxpayer.