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Matravers goes ‘Back to the 80s’!

STUDENTS at Matravers hit the high notes last week with their annual production, ‘Back to the 80s’, with a ‘superstar’ cast and hard-working team behind the scenes.

The school reports, “Students and staff from across the school were involved in many different roles and have worked for many hours to produce this romp through the 80s.

“The younger audience members (or those who are young at heart!) will be familiar with the 2007 electronic dance track from Calvin Harris, aptly named ‘Acceptable in the 80s’. An interesting phrase that conjures up many bold and vibrant images: big hair, bright eye make-up, lace gloves, colour clashing clothes of all descriptions, funky dance moves and most importantly some brilliant pop tunes!

“Back to the 80s brought all the old clothes out of the closet and students found out what life was like for their parents as teenagers. Many of the jokes will have gone over the students’ heads as their parents laughed, while remembering that they too once listened to these songs and thought that an Atari computer was cutting edge technology!

“Well done to all the students involved in this ‘totally awesome’ musical!”