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Helping passengers use bus service to health centre

IDEAS to improve access to the White Horse Heath Centre by bus have been put forward. 

When the health centre was opened in Mane Way, Leigh Park, the Westbury Weaver service was modified to serve the centre. Despite concerns from the public with regards to accessing the centre, the bus link has been under-used.

Westbury Area Board and Wiltshire Council’s passenger transport unit have been investigating the route and conclude that the new service has not been adequately publicised, and that timetables are unclear and users are confused by the route.

Westbury Area Board is launching an awareness campaign which will promote the service and make it easier to use. They plan to make timetables clearer and distribute them more widely. Additional signage and information and bus stops is also planned.

The Westbury Weaver service covers the town, with stops in the town centre (including the High Street and Morrisons), and various stops across the town including Matravers, Chalfield, Eden Vale Road, Bratton Road, Oldfield Park, the Co-op, and the West Wilts Trading Estate.

It also serves Westbury Leigh, Leigh Park and Dilton Marsh.

Timetables for the Westbury Weaver bus service can be found on the Wiltshire Council website through www.wiltshire. gov.uk/parkingtransport andstreets/public transport

• A new pedestrian crossing will help people access the White Horse Health Centre by foot.

Westbury Area Board has approved a grant of £6,000 to create a dropped curb crossing on Mane Way, and widen the associated footpaths. Westbury Town Council has also contributed money to the crossing.