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Portrait reunited with family

FOLLOWINGan appeal in the White Horse News, the mystery subjects of  a portrait have been identified, and the portrait reunited with the family, almost 30 years after it was taken. 

Local photographer Horace Prickett was clearing out his studio when he found a portrait of a boy and a girl. He was not able to remember much about the subjects or the portrait, but asked the  White Horse News to publish a picture in the hope of reuniting the subjects with the photo.

Sheila Eyers of Westbury recognised her son Daniel in the portrait, who was posing with his friend Emma.

Horace said, “It’s really nice that it’s been reunited. It turns out I didn’t take the portrait! It was Alan Nichols, who was a well-known photographer in the area. I worked alongside him for a number of years, and bought all his studio and gear, and it must have been in with that.”

Sheila remembers that the photo was taken while she and her family lived in Bratton. She said, “I can’t remember Emma’s surname, but she lived quite close to the photographer Alan Nichols. He used the two of them as models for his photographic competition. They were about four and five at the time – he’s now 33 and lives in London.”

Pictured:Sheila with the portrait of Emma and Daniel.