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Westbury lights up for Christmas!

WESTBURY’S Christmas festivities start with the switching-on of the town’s Christmas lights – but it takes more than a flick of the switch to illuminate the town with some 2,500 lamps. 

Behind the bright lights of Westbury’s Christmas decorations is electrical contractors Wheeler’s (Westbury) Ltd, who have been in charge of the town’s Christmas lights for the past 30 years.

It takes Wheeler’s ten days to put the lights up, working against the November weather, accessing difficult spots, and climbing ladders to fix the lights in place. The town’s Christmas tree in the Market Place requires the use of a cherry picker to get the lights all over the tree. Once the lights are up, the electricians are on hand to maintain the lights and at the end of the festivities, it will take four days to take the lights down.

Ron Norris, chairman of Wheeler’s says, “We have approximately 2,500 lamps, and over 35 lamp displays – and almost all of them are low energy lamps. Our electricians are on hand 24/7 to assist with problems, such as strings of lamps being blown onto the streets due to the wind and other weather conditions, and changing lamps to keep them all shining.

“Westbury has a great display of Christmas lights and we look forward to supporting the town and town council for many years to come.”