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Karate black belt for 9-year-old Louis

ASHOTOKAN karate  student has achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt grading – at the age of just nine-years-old.

Louis Wilkins successfully passed his grading on Friday 16th November, having trained for the last five years in Westbury.

Tony Preston, master instructor with The Blackbelt Zone Fitness Academy said, “This is a fantastic achievement, as he is only nine years old and he takes the same grading as an adult.”

The grading consists of a fitness test, combination techniques, semi-freestyle defences, knife defences, 20 minutes of sparring and kata.

Tony added, “The grading took place in Westbury at the academy’s main dojo, with family members watching and supporting Louis, including Joe who is also training in karate and will surely follow in the footsteps of his big brother!”

Louis’ father Duncan said, “Doing karate has helped Louis with his fitness in other sports, and teaches good discipline. It was a very proud moment for his family and he is happy to be a black belt.  Louis is looking forward to learning more at the academy in the years to come.”

If anyone would like to try karate, kickboxing or tamashii in Westbury, please call Tony Preston on 01373 859777 or 07835 714796. Classes are held three or four times per week. Website www.blackbelt-zone.moonfruit.com.