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Have your say on community campus

ACONSULTATIONon what the people of Westbury want from a campus is included in this issue of the White Horse News. 

The steering group behind the campus development is urging local people to use the opportunity to have their say on what facilities they want in the town, and how they would like these to be realised.

A campus development for Westbury will consider including services which are owned by Wiltshire Council,  such as the town’s leisure and sports facilities and potentially the library and youth centre. Services could be provided from a single or multiple sites, and could use new or existing buildings.

The idea of a campus is to bring a number of services and facilities together in one or more places. This means people will be able to access a variety of services from not only the council but its partners and the voluntary sector, as well as services offered by the community. Each campus will be unique and based upon the needs of that community as identified through consultation.

Further paper copies of the survey are available from: Westbury Library, the town council offices, Leighton Recreation Centre, Westbury Swimming Pool, Westbury Visitor Centre or by contacting Wiltshire Council. The completed surveys can be dropped off at a number of places including Westbury Library, the town council offices in the Laverton, Leighton Recreation Centre, Westbury Swimming Pool, Westbury Visitor Centre, Westbury Co-op, White Horse Medical Centre (Leigh Park), Bratton Surgery, Fairfield Farm College (Dilton Marsh), The Royal Oak (Hawkeridge).

The consultation questions are also available online at www.wiltshire.gov.uk/WestburyCommunityCampus, and the website also has more information on the campus programme and some frequently asked questions. You can also complete the survey directly from your smart phone.

Tara Huntley, vice-chair of the Westbury Community Operations Board, which is steering the development said, “The Community Operations Board is really excited about the campus project in Westbury, it is a fantastic opportunity for local people to have their say about how local services and facilities will be delivered. What the campus ultimately looks like will be determined as a result of the consultations we carry out, so it is really important that we get as many responses as possible for it to be a success.”