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Resident vows to continue hospital fight

A LOCALman is vowing to continue the fight for Westbury Hospital, and is appealing for your memories to help his efforts.

Eddie Bridges is hoping that the information may help him build a case to fight for the town’s ownership of the hospital.

Last month Westbury Town Council decided it will not pursue the question of the town’s rights to ownership, given the many options already explored and the potential of heavy legal costs in a fight.

However, Eddie Bridges hopes that memories of how the hospital was created could help him build his own case.

Eddie said, “The council has said they’re not going to do anything, so I’m going to have to do it. I might lose but I’m going to put up a fight, I’m annoyed that the council will not put up a fight [for the hospital].

“I want to appeal to the people of Westbury, especially the senior generation, to come forward with any information on the history of the hospital being built, or the history of donations, and they can phone me or put it in writing. All this sort of information is going to give us some chance.”

Eddie says that time is now of the essence, with just a matter of weeks before the NHS could put the site up for sale. “With the medical centre opening, the health trust only have to wait six weeks,” he said.

If you can help Eddie, please call him on 01373 823316 or write to him at 1 Friar’s Close, Dilton Marsh, Westbury BA13 4BS.