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New headteacher at Matravers

MATRAVERS is entering a new school year with a new headteacher at the helm. 

Following the retirement of Chris Dark at the end of last term, and unsuccessful interviews for his substantive replacement, an interim headteacher, Beverley Martin, has been appointed.

Beverley Martin is a national leader of education (NLE) who has been working with the school since April. NLEs are outstanding headteachers who, with school staff, use their skills and experience to support schools in challenging circumstances.

Beverley Martin said, “My staff and I will be focused on ensuring that every student achieves the highest possible levels of progress in every subject they study.  This will be realised through high expectations from their teachers, both in terms of academic achievement and behaviour for learning; good and outstanding teaching in all subjects through every stage of our students’ education at Matravers School; and a breadth of opportunities to ensure that our students are rounded individuals who are ready for their next steps in life.”

In a letter to parents earlier this year, Linda O’Grady, chair of Governors said, “The focus for Matravers and Ms Martin is on improving the educational experience and outcomes for every student at Matravers. She shares the school’s vision and is very clear about how the vision will be realised. Matravers will be ‘developing individual potential through excellence, expectation, and opportunity.’”

A new headteacher is not the only change at the school this term. Beverley Martin has had a busy summer co-ordinating extensive renovations around the school. She said, “Our students will be surprised by the physical improvements in the learning environment.  The new sixth form building has enhanced our provision for those studying beyond their GCSEs.  Across the whole school, our computer systems have been renewed, ensuring that we are able to utilise the latest technologies in all departments of the school.  New servers and equipment,  including over 100 new laptops, Apple Macs, tablets, iPods, digital imaging equipment and other individual devices will increase the opportunities for learning and operate with speed and efficiency.

“Matravers School now benefits from a theatre with tiered seating that will ensure our superb musical and dramatic events can be viewed in comfort and offer a unique entertainment space for the community.

“Our teaching and learning areas in the mathematics department have been completely refurbished; and the expansion of the expressive and performing arts departments will enable us to build on our recent success at A-level.”