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Local homeopath returns from Botswana

AN EDINGTON homeopath and reiki teacher has returned from seven weeks of volunteering with a homeopathy project in Botswana.

Anne Tottingham has been working with the Maun Homeopathy Project (MHP), which helps people of all ages who have been traumatised by HIV and AIDS, rape, or abuse. The MHP has been running full-time clinics for 6 years and the service provided is highly valued by the local community, as well as being recognised by the Botswana government. Anne’s work ranged from home visits to working in the busy Maun clinic.

Anne said, “I have had a truly wonderful time. It was very rewarding in all aspects. It is an advantage to have a sense of fun and a love of people. “I found the people of Botswana are very friendly – they welcomed and accepted me for who I was and what I could give without judgement. They were very polite and appreciated being greeted with respect.

“My work as a homeopath was varied – from seeing very ill people in their one-room homes, doing consultations under a tree by a river or even in the project truck, treating staff of safari camps with elephants walking past and hearing a hippo making its “motorbike” sounds in the Okavango Delta, to working in the busy clinic in Maun where the project is based.

“The beauty of homeopathy is that all people whatever their health condition can be helped to differing degrees as we are able to look at the cause of their symptoms and give them remedies to help their own individual responses to their problems.

“In Botswana I was part of a rolling programme of homeopaths so I would follow the previous homeopath’s care or follow very clear guidelines for a new patient. The whole project, ably managed from the UK by Hilary Fairclough since 2005, relies on all the participants being good team players.

“In between the work, I was able to relax in a cottage in the grounds of a house by a beautiful river, enjoy the blue sky and sun of Botswana. “I saw a beautiful array of birds and animals in very different settings from the back of a game drive vehicle, or the top of a river cruise boat, to those animals who simply walked across the road as we were driving along.

“I am privileged to have had the opportunity to take part in this project as I felt very safe and well supported there, and was able to help many people in and around Maun who rely on the support of the Maun Homeopathy Project clinics.

“I am very thankful to the many people in Wiltshire who helped not only fundraise when we did our sponsored swim, but also to their goodwill toward me. “If anyone feels they would like to do something similar do not hesitate, you won’t regret it!

“I am happy to share photos and give more in-depth talks to anyone who wishes to hear more about my time in Botswana and any donations I receive will go to the Maun Homeopathy Project (registered charity No;1109958).”