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Would you like the memorial back in the Market Place?

AWESTBURYtown councillor is asking the town to consider building a new war memorial, back in the original location in the Market Place. 

Cllr Mike Cuthbert-Murray is asking the town council to open a consultation with local people to find out if people would like the memorial to be positioned once again in the  Market Place.

He also suggests the council should collect the names of Westbury people who have died for their country including and since World War I, so they can be included on the memorial.

Cllr Cuthbert-Murray said, “I’ve been speaking to quite a few people who would like it back in the Market Place. That is its original place, and I think it’s a bit of an odd place  where it is now. It would benefit the Market Place, it is its proper home, and it’s next to the church as well.”

The town’s war memorial was built in front of the Town Hall in the Market Place in the 1920s. It is understood that it was later moved to its current position in Edward Street, at the end of the High Street, to make way for parking spaces. The town council was due to consider cllr Cuthbert-Murray’s suggestion on Monday evening.

Pictured: cllr Cuthbert-Murray with the High Street memorial.