Wiltshire Publications

Issue 506 – The amazing adventures of Alice at Matravers

“WHAT a curious feeling,” said Alice, “I must be shutting up like a telescope. I hope I shan’t go out altogether like a candle.”

Share in Alice’s amazing adventures in Wonderland this week, as Matravers present Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking Glass.
Alice begins her journey falling down a rabbit hole and taking a potion that changes her physical size. Through Alice, the audience meets various strange talking animals and a very angry queen. The conclusion to the play is as bizarre as the beginning.
Sophie Mowat, who is directing the play alongside Rebecca Walker explained, “This play captures so many different ideas of magic – talking animals, enchanted palaces, an extraordinary queen and screaming pigs – that one can’t help but be tempted to see Matravers School perform this play. With an exceptional cast, set and costumes, this will certainly be a play and a story that can’t be forgotten!”