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Issue 504 – Westbury clubs ascend height of Everest in fundraising challenge

TWO local sports clubs have climbed the height of Mount Everest between them and raised £610 for a disabled Westbury girl.
Westbury Wheelers cycling club and Westbury Run England group joined together in their “Everest Challenge”on Friday 30th December. In the challenge they ascended the 29,000 feet height of Mount Everest by cycling or running up Westbury White Horse, until their cumulative ascents equalled the height of Everest.

Event director Sean Price said, “We had an amazing turnout considering the weather was at best “damp” with around 60 participants attending the “Everest Challenge.
“The runners and riders managed a staggering 101 ascents equivalent to scaling Everest 1 ½ times. Although the event was organised jointly by Westbury Wheelers and Westbury Run England Group many other clubs sent representation including Avon Valley Runners, Hot Chilli Tri Club, DB Max Tri and many other unattached honed athletes.”
While many athletes were content to take on one ascent, some Wheelers managed three ascents. Sam Pictor was the fastest at both the cycle and run: his bike time was 5 minutes and 43 seconds and he ran it in 7 minutes and 53 seconds.
The event was all in aid of Westbury girl Josselin Tilley, who has CHARGE syndrome and is profoundly deaf and blind, requiring round-the-clock care. The appeal is raising money to provide Josselin with a new wheelchair. Athletes paid £3 for every ascent, and a raffle in the Lopes Arms following the event raised £610.
Westbury Wheelers member John Weaire, who came up with the challenge said, “We have a close relationship with the runners from Westbury Run England group and felt we needed to do something positive to help Josselin and her family achieve this necessary step in her development. The participants attempted this amazing feat without sherpas, oxygen or ropes!”
Sean added, “A big, big thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time. The team was John Weaire (whose idea it was), Neil Brocklehurst (mobile coffee café), Gems Healing Hands (sports massage therapy), Katie Pope (photographer), Lynsey Doel (photographer), Ryan Baggs (photographer), Martin Jeffrey (photographer), Fiona Price, Ben Price, Ken Price, Amanda Carroll, Lois Selby, The Lopes and White Horse Pottery.”
You can help the challenge by donating to Josselin at www.help4joss.org