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Issue 500 – Spring for super-fast broadband

WESTBURY is still on track to get super-fast broadband in spring 2012 and BT have now announced that new download and upload speeds are set to be even faster than originally predicted.

Earlier this year, BT announced that Westbury will benefit from the next phase of its roll-out of super-fast fibre broadband.
A spokesperson for BT said, “What it means for Westbury is a super-fast broadband service, and the speed will be significantly higher – roughly double – than expected. Basically it’s really good news for Westbury – in a nutshell it’s even fast speeds than originally suggested.”
The important developments follow successful trials by BT and approval by the relevant authorities.
Openreach, BT’s local network business, is investing £2.5 billion to make fibre broadband available to two-thirds of UK premises by the end of 2014.
While broadband speeds were initially predicted to be up to 40Mb/s, download speeds of the ‘fibre to the cabinet’ super-fast broadband technology are expected to rise from up to 40Mbps to up to 80Mbps. Upload rates will increase from up to 10Mbps to up to 20Mbps.
Jon Reynolds, BT’s South West regional director said, “This important new development will significantly improve the broadband speeds available around many areas of the UK.
“It will provide a further boost for local businesses, and homeworkers as well as families and other people for whom the internet has become an essential part of their daily lives, whether it be for leisure, education or business.
“BT is playing a key role in making super-fast broadband Britain a reality. Our own commercial super-fast broadband roll-out plans will reach two- thirds of UK homes and businesses by end of 2014 and we have said we would welcome the opportunity to work with the public sector to make this exciting technology available in the more challenging final third.”