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Issue 492 – Interserve wins waste treatment plant contract

Interserve, the international construction group, has been awarded the contract to construct Westbury’s new mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant for operators Hills Waste Solutions Ltd.

The project will provide a waste treatment facility on the Northacre Trading Estate in a construction period of around two years.
The plant will allow 60,000 tonnes of household waste to be treated in this, the county’s first MBT plant.
The site will be owned and operated by Hills Waste Solutions under an agreement with Wiltshire Council for treatment of Wiltshire’s waste.
The MBT process involves pre-sorting of the residual municipal waste, bio-drying in a composting area followed by shredding and further sorting to produce recyclates and a solid recovered fuel (SRF).
Interserve is building the facility, which comprises the reception building, bio-drying hall, processing building and connected offices and administration facilities.
Interserve is undertaking all the building and civil engineering works, with Italian company Entsorga delivering the process plant.
The project is part of Wiltshire Council’s strategy to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.
Wayne Howell, Interserve associate director for civil engineering said, “Planning permission was granted for this project two years ago and Interserve has been working with Hills Waste Solutions during this period to bring this project to fruition.
“It has now been confirmed that Interserve will be involved in the project and we are pleased to be working alongside Hills Waste Solutions and Wiltshire Council.
“The Northacre facility will reduce the proportion of Wiltshire’s municipal waste sent to landfill to less than 20 per cent, from a current level of around 37 per cent.
“Interserve has a track record of working together with clients in partnership and sees investment in an intelligent approach from this important emerging sector as something that will make an important contribution to the successful management of waste in the UK.”