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Issue 492 – Funds for children’s hospital

A WESTBURY family is thanking friends and family for their support, after a fundraiser raised £1,100 for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Eesha Knowles-Dew was eight weeks old when she had a rare tumour removed from her mouth at Bristol Children’s Hospital, and now the family are raising money for the hospital.
Mother Natalya Knowles said, “My daughter was a really poorly baby, she had this great big tumour removed from her mouth which was horrendous. I found the lump at 4 weeks, and it had to be taken out because it reacted just like a malignant cancer and was even restricting her airways. She’s now got to have a bone transplant, and she’s in remission at the moment – we have just got to wait to get to the year mark and see.
“She was in hospital for a few weeks over Christmas, and she goes back every month now. They’re really good over there – they saved her life.”
The family held a fete in Warminster on the 2nd July to raise money for the hospital.
“We want to say thank you to the people who supported us – friends and family and local shops and companies who donated to the raffle,” Natalya said.