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Issue 483 – National stunt kite flying competition may be grounded

THE chance of a spectacular national stunt kite flying championship stage coming to Westbury in July could now be in doubt.

A decision on hosting the event was due to be made at a town council meeting which was held on 7th March. However, councillors postponed a decision further until 4th April.
Local resident Leander Morales, who has been helping competitive kite flying organisation STACK UK with their plans to bring a heat of the competition to the White Horse, believes that time to organise the event is now running out.
Leander Morales approach-ed Westbury Town Council in early February for organisational and financial support for the event. The opportunity to host the championship heat was presented to the town council on February 14th. Leander Morales says he was notified that a decision would be made during the March town council meeting.
However, at that meeting, the town council responded that they were unable to make any decision on whether to support the event at present.
At the meeting, some councillors emphasised the potential benefit of the competition to the town, however cllr Hawker stated that more details were needed and without a motion on the agenda, councillors had no alternative than to pass it to another body.
It was decided that the item would be passed to the tourism working group to come to the next meeting of the town council’s general purposes committee, which will be held on 4th April.
“I am a bit disappointed with the council’s decision,” said Leander. “The delay would leave only 12 weeks to organise the event. This is unrealistic and without the funding/support it isn’t possible.”
He hopes that the competitive kite flying organisation STACK UK will still consider Westbury White Horse as a suitable venue for the 2012 competition.
Leander added, “Maybe 2012 is more realistic. I’d like to thank councillors Jones, Braid and O’Hara for voicing their support at the general meeting. Also, a thanks to Barbara Mantle, Christine Mitchell, Keith Harvey and Anita Whittal for expressing their support towards the event over recent weeks.”