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Issue 482 – Crosspoint steams ahead

WITH a recent grant of £1,000 from the area board, and negotiations for a possible premises underway, developments for local charity Crosspoint are looking promising.

Crosspoint was set up last year to promote the wellbeing of local residents and to contribute to the relief of those in need. The first project for the charity is to set up a “welcome centre” in the town where people in need can drop in for help, advice, or simply to chat with a friendly face.
Crosspoint has received a grant of £1,000 from the Westbury Area Board to allow them to purchase computer equipment. The grant has been welcomed by members of Crosspoint as, besides from giving them the equipment, it will stand them in good stead in future funding applications.
Rev Jennifer Totney, secretary of the Crosspoint committee said, “It’s brilliant, it’s great for us to know it’s a kick start for funding and will help us in applying for future funding.
“Initially, the equipment is to help us get going so we’re starting to build up databases of information and store that information. We will then be using it in the centre.”
Crosspoint is still gathering details of people who would like to volunteer and is looking at organising training sessions. Jennifer said, “We did have an initial meeting for people interested in volunteering on Sunday [13th February] but we’re still gathering details of people who would like to volunteer, and from the list we’ll be putting together some training sessions over the next week.
“Training will be things like confidentiality, listening skills, welcoming, and training in basic awareness of websites and the advice organisations that are out there.”
“We are negotiating about a possible premises which is good, and we’re hoping that if that goes through, we can start looking at a more concrete time line.”
Crosspoint was founded by a group of people from different churches in the town, who identify problems with social isolation and deprivation in the area. The charity is built on Christian values, seeking to promote the wellbeing of local residents and contributing to the relief of those in need, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.
You can find out more or get involved via www.crosspoint-westbury.co.uk